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No Final Income Tax for Income from Derivative Transaction? - Republished by KAP Kantor Akuntan Publik RTS

KAP  Kantor Akuntan Publik  RTS  Jakarta

Recently the Government has revoked the regulation No. 17 Year 2009 concerning Final Income Tax imposition on income from derivative transaction in the form of term contract listed in a stock exchange. By the revocation of this regulation, the income from such transaction is only subject to Income Tax withholding with the common rate based on Article 17 of the Income Tax Law. For the Final Income Tax which has been collected, Taxpayers may request for a refund through the refund mechanism of overpayment for unnecessary tax payable based on the MoF Regulation No. 190 year 2007. After receiving refunds, Taxpayers should report the income from the derivative transaction to the Annual Tax Return with the rate under Article 17 of the Income Tax Law.


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